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International Baccalaureate Visual Arts Exhibition

Final Exhibition 2017 - International School of Lausanne

An exploration of domesticity and familiarity through acrylic painting by observing typical routines in a household. Using digital applications to design artworks and producing them traditionally, the project captured raw emotions and environments experienced in day-to-day family life.


The curatorial rationale is as follows:

"As someone who quietly observes the world, my inspiration for my exhibition pieces came from capturing the genuine familial scenes around me. Through my work, I wanted to present and portray emotional memories of domesticity by seizing simple interior or portraits and composing them with particular color schemes to emphasize the emotional atmosphere I want to convey. By displaying my work, I hope to impact viewers by challenging them to explore each painting's meaning and how it relates to familial life, hopefully relating to their own experiences as I intended for my pieces to be universal. Although my work seems to be controlled and quiet, there is restrained emotional interaction between the human beings in the scenes. Through the theme of domesticity, I explore various emotional connections and experiences. Even the silences and isolation that can happen between family members is reflected through some of my paintings. I focused on portraying these connections, whether through two people together in a domestic environment but are emotionally alone, or a family dinner where people are together and sharing the same emotions. The use of colors, tones, shapes and composition has also helped to communicate the feelings of isolation or togetherness, depending significantly on the painting and context. Having picked up the essential characteristics and captured the essential qualities, I refined the experiences of the scenes down to a few choices regarding color and shape. The modern recording technology and the traditional technology of paint come together in my work, yet modern technology has allowed me to define my paintings and enabled me to bring out the essence and subtle character of what I'm trying to display."


nicole baroudi - communication designer

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